From the Pastor

     When I stop to consider the times we are in today, it is clear to me that a church that is teaching the principles of God is important in my life today.  I realize today that just church membership will not give me the instructions to navigate through these troubled times.

Acme Missionary Baptist Church is that church.


  I have made a promise to the Lord for leaving me here in these troubled times, that I would do my very best to educate his people and give them the knowledge that is required to enter the Kingdom of God.


  Our services are geared to operate under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, therefore the program structure of the worship service is subject to change at any given time, because He knows what is needed for the people.


  Our church is filled with people who will greet you with love, and provide fellowship and friendship for you and your family. People who will help to transform your worship experience into one filled with excitement and fulfillment. 


Let me personally invite you to join us for one of our services and hope to see you soon. I promise to teach a word for the Lord that will cause you to consider your relationship with God and bring hope to you and your family.  Our motto, I love you and you can’t do a thing about it.